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Uniquely Panama sells the  beautiful cultural art made by the Embera, Kuna and Wounaan Indians of Panama. Each Basket, Tagua and Mola is a unique piece of art and is a reflection of cultural traditions, beliefs and the flora and fauna that surrounds their home.


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Panama is a remarkable paradise consisting of natural and cultural beauty. This plethora of beauty is depicted through the art made by the Indigenous Artisans of Panama. We want to help put in your hands, the art that was made by theirs.

With forced changes taking place at an accelerated pace, both the natural habitat and the cultural beauty that once made Panama unique, is quickly changing.  With change, the Indigenous Indians  traditional culture, traditional dress, art and dialect is teetering on  great changes because of modernization.  

 We hope to encourage the men, women and children to continue making, continue teaching, continue learning  and to continue respecting their time honored cultural art.

Your purchase directly affects an Artisan. By buying from Uniquely Panama you are helping  to speckle the world with the unique beauty of Indigenous Art.  


We are pleased you have landed on our site. We welcome you to explore, shop and to learn about the ​Indigenous Treasures we sell by the Wounaan, Embera and Kuna Indians of Panama....

Keeping Indigenous Art Alive!

-​Uniquely Panama​

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